Social Media Marketing Agency

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING AGENCY We are Vivid Candi, a full service digital agency that specializes in web design and also social media marketing! Social media marketing is a new and effective way of marketing where putting you’re product or services in front of millions of people literally a click away!      This is ideal […]

Web Development Companies

WEB DEVELOPMENT COMPANIES When you reach that same point that many businesses reach after a while of being around, or when trying to expand, and you find yourself in need of a website you do what many do, which is go out and look for any good, professional, and reliable web development companies.     […]

Full Service Digital Agency

FULL SERVICE DIGITAL AGENCY We are Vivid Candi, a full service digital agency located in beautiful sunny Malibu California! Our agency specializes in a number of topics, whether it be: – Web Design – Graphic Design – SEO – Digital Marketing – Branding – App Development – Video Production – Print         […]

Reno Web Design

RENO WEB DESIGN Vivid Candi welcomes any individuals located in, or near Reno! We are a Los Angeles based digital agency that mainly focuses on web design. Whether what you are looking for is a custom CSS website, an affordable Template site, or something in between, like a custom hybrid template website where we get […]

SEO Companies Miami

SEO COMPANIES MIAMI If you are encountering the same problem that many businesses today are encountering, you are having trouble being found online. Now there are a number of things that you can do as a business owner. What many people do to just get it over with is just hire the first SEO agency that […]

SEO Companies Las Vegas

SEO COMPANIES LAS VEGAS There are more then enough SEO Companies in Las Vegas to chose from, but if you really want effective results, you’re gonna have to higher the right people. You’re gonna want them to know how to access traffic information on google analytics, and you also want them to have much experience […]

Award Winning Digital Agency

AWARD WINNING DIGITAL AGENCY            We are an award winning digital agency that has been around since 2001. We are a full service digital agency. We focus on variety of things, from web development to digital marketing. We are located in Malibu California, but since we purchased various virtual offices, we […]

Chicago Web Design Agency

CHICAGO WEB DESIGN AGENCY            Hello Chicago! Finding a good and reliable web design agency in the windy city is no easy task. Which is why we make it easier on everybody by putting out these blogs. When looking for a web agency you need to keep in mind several things. […]

Lake Tahoe Web Agency

LAKE TAHOE WEB AGENCY            Greetings Tahoe! We are a full service web agency. One of the things that we love to do here is web development. We put our full time and effort into providing our clients with clean, and simple, easy to use websites. That way people don’t have […]