What is social media? What are social media platforms? What is social media marketing?

175563453What is social media? What are social media platforms? What is social media marketing? In this post we will discuss each and ultimately how you can better your website by utilizing social media.

What is social media?

Think of social media as a way to communicate or socialize on the internet. Using social media platforms web users exchange information and ideas.

What are social media platforms?

There are many social media platforms. Some of the most popular include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google plus. With each platform you have a profile. Here is a real simple break done of each:

Twitter Twitter is a way to keep your friends, family, followers updated on what is going on with you by using only a few lines of text called tweets.

Facebook –  Facebook is similar to Twitter.  The idea is to keep family, friends etc updated on what is going on with your life, but you can all more content and images.

Google Plus – Google Plus is a different take on Facebook, and you can have people in groups.

Instagram – Instagram is a platform the uses images as a form of communicating. You post images of whatever you would like to share with your friends, family etc.

What is social media marketing?

So how can we best utilize social media when we have a website? With social media marketing you can use each social media platform to get the work out about your website. The goal would be to get a buzz started about your website via the social media outlets.

The first set is to create profiles on the various social media platforms and then use them. For example with Twitter, you would write tweets talking about upcoming invents of random thought in relation to your website. It is important to stay constant with entering content into the social media platforms you choose so that you can gain an audience. When someone adds you to their profile whoever is following that person will also see your website under that person. This will help get your website known.