What is a website?

So, what is a website? A website is a place on the internet where you can show content. Sometimes, that content comes in the form of a storefront for a companies products or services, or for purposes of providing some type of information. Here are some examples of different types of websites: Blog – Owners […]

Top 5 Things To Do This Summer

The sky is clean, the temperature has risen, and everyone is out and about. The summer is officially here and the days are getting longer. But what is one to do with all of their extra time? Here is Vivid Candi‘s list of top 5 things to do this summer. 5 – One of the […]

Wordpress WP E-commerce Web Designer Los Angeles

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Tsunami Warning in Los Angeles, California

A tsunami warning has been issued for Santa Monica / Los Angeles for 8:31am March 11, 2011. Get photos, videos & more information on the tsunami caused by an 8.9 earthquake in Japan.