Why Your Brand Needs Influencer Marketing

As humans, we seek advice and validation, especially from trusted sources. Many of the products and experiences we strive to obtain comes from seeing other people with them. We turn to social media to figure out what we want, and the more credible the source, the more we want what they have.

In our media-driven world, who better to trust than an influencer who can prove their credibility through a massive fan base of swooning followers? Influencer marketing pairs a brand with a credible source that would be the best fit to share the brand, and ultimately reach the most effective audience for the brand.

Here are the key points as to why you could boost your brand through influencer marketing.

It’s Trending

In the past two years, “Influencer Marketing” has risen by 400% as a search term on Google Trends. Any regular Instagram user would agree with this, based on their Instagram explore pages overflowing with models, celebrities, and anyone else with a large following who could promote a product. The terms “Instagram model” and “Instagram famous” have even been coined, referring to models and celebrities that are certified on the social media app by cultivating a large following.

Brand Awareness

These influencers are famous because of their followers, many of whom look up to the influencer and will likely trust their opinion. Having an influencer post regularly about your brand will help the influencer’s audience see your brand in the positive light that the influencer is positioning it in. The more the influencer posts about the brand in a positive light, the better the brand awareness will be.

Personal Context to Your Brand

Influencers allow customers to see your brand in a different light. Many people see brands simply as people trying to sell them something, and not particularly caring about what might be best for the customer. This is especially true with newer or lesser-known brands who have less credibility. Enter: influencer. Their job is to use their relationship they have with their followers, and transfer that trust from themselves to the brand they are representing. This helps customers see brands in a personal light, as someone offering them something that would improve their lives rather than a robot simply trying to scam customers for money.

Brand Loyalty

Going hand-in-hand with personal context, influencers typically bring strong brand loyalty to customers that follow them. People follow influencers because they feel loyal to them for one reason or another, whether it is their content, character, their aesthetic appeal, etc. Many also follow influencers to get inspiration about travel, beauty, fashion, so it’s only natural that they would get inspiration on brands and products from their favorite influencers as well. This, coupled with personal stories and testimonies from influencers, eventually spreads customers’ trust from the influencer to the brands they are promoting.

The Bump

Last but certainly not least, the effect of influencer marketing results in something called “the bump”. This is referring to the bump that partnering with an influencer will create in your brand’s awareness, social media following, and website traffic/sales. Depending on the following of the influencer and the amount of time, “bumps” will vary slightly, but they can almost always be expected when influencer marketing is done correctly.

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