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Most websites are like This old phone

4+ years old. Beat-up. Obsolete. Bad first impression. 90-99% of your clients see it.

Old Website

website leases are like a new phone

Always new. Always sharp. Best first impression always. Creates an ROI for business.

New Website

which would you rather have as your website?

Living Website Leases By
  • Corporate Web Design for a Public Company
    B Riley & Co
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    Custom UI/UX design for the financial sector.

    3 websites developed & maintained.

    Custom photography.

  • Full Service Music Industry Marketing
    Taylor Grey, Pop Star
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    Generated 1m+ views on Youtube music videos

    Full service social media marketing.

    Instagram management. Influencer outreach & more.

  • 8+ Year Client / Restaurant Marketing & Web Design
    Stonefire Grill Restaurant Chain
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    Custom restaurant web development.

    Custom food menu UI/UX design.

    Custom rewards system.

  • Full Service Automobile Marketing
    Volvo Cars of Santa Monica
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    Custom monthly strategy & budgeting.

    Social media, SEO, PPC, influencers, viral videos & more.

    Custom video productions.

  • Meet Our Digital Agency Vivid Candi

    At Vivid Candi, a nationally recognized web design agency & developer based in Los Angeles, our team consists of collective, diverse talent. Some Vivid Candi team members have been coding since the young age of 12, while others are more novice, but have a natural talent for what they do. Our team member selection process is highly extensively and selective, as we hire only the best web developer talent in the innovative web design industry. All of our web designers work in-house at our Los Angeles HQ in the United States.

    What Are "Living Websites" By Vivid Candi?

    "Living Websites" are websites that never get dated, never get behind in technology and never stop changing. Our digital agency includes all ongoing maintenance and bi-annual website overhauls. This ensures your website is always reaching it's maximum potential to create an ROI for your business. Website hosting is included. As a Living Websites client you'll also receive a generous discount on any other in house services provided by our digital agency including photography, videography, logo development, graphic design, social marketing, pay per click marketing, SEO and more. Take full advantage of our full services at half the cost as a part of your Living Websites membership.

    Why Should Your Business Have a "Living Website"

    Every business should have a webmaster for their website. That's essentially what Living Websites are about. We're on our team and always here to support you. Not having a webmaster is like having a company without a president. Your website needs direction from a web design expert and should always stay fresh, current and secure. Websites are the first impression many users will have of your business so it's important to make sure it's the best first impression. Our in house web designers / webmasters can consult you each month on new web technologies, marketing suggestions, Google analytics traffic review and more to make sure you get the most value out of your website.

  • Graphic Designers & More

    Our in-house graphic designers are industry leaders who are extremely creative in what they do. Moreover, they absolutely enjoy their work and are always ready to offer friendly service to our customers. Our graphic designers dedicate themselves to helping businesses with any needed graphic design services, including print ad design, logo development, corporate identity development, poster design, billboard design, and much more.

    Professional Video Production

    Vivid Candi offers in house video production at our Los Angeles HQ. We have over a decade of experience with video shoots, video production, video editing, DVD development, viral video development and production, television commercial production and much more.

    Digital Marketing & Social Media

    With over 20 years of experience, Vivid Candi is one of the first digital agencies of its kind and continues to grow as an industry leader. By foreseeing the shift from print to digital, our agency was built on the innovation of digital and social media marketing. We are also experts in custom web design and custom web coding, search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click marketing (PPC), programming, and digital marketing. Digital marketing is the focal point behind each project we complete for our clients. Our unique ability to offer a 360 degree approach to digital services, sets us apart from competing digital marketing companies and digital agencies. Let us use our unique variety of experience, our digital design expertise, and web industry leading innovations to benefit your business and boost your company’s digital impression. As a FULL SERVICE DIGITAL AGENCY, we have all the digital marketing resources and solutions available for your business, all in-house.

    In-House & Onshore

    All web, app developers, designers and marketing experts at Vivid Candi work in house and onshore. No work is outsourced and clients are always invited and welcome to meet our team in person at our Los Angeles offices. We believe having everyone in house and onshore allows for better synergy, productivity, communication, efficiency and brilliant team results.

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