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New York is one of the most iconic and bustling cities in the United States. As the largest city in the country, New York has some of the world’s top-notch restaurants, renowned chefs, and a large population of people who love food. The food in New York is iconic and delicious – from New York pizza to New York cheesecake, there is an endless option of foods special to the city that never sleeps. Being a restaurant owner, how do you make your restaurant stand out from the best of the best in a busy city that has a limitless amount of amazing options? Keep reading to find out 7 New York restaurant marketing tips to help your restaurant drive in more traffic and attract the eyes of foodies across the city of New York.

  • Create a brand identity
  • Set up social media accounts
  • Collaborate with influencers
  • Sign up for restaurant apps
  • SEO for New York restaurant marketing
  • Website design
  • Hire an agency that specializes in restaurants with full-service digital marketing

1. Create a brand identity for your New York Restaurant

A brand identity is crucial for New York restaurant marketing and to help your restaurant stand out from all of the other options in the city. It will help create and show the personality of your restaurant, and make the dining experience memorable for every single customer that walks through. Before creating a solid brand identity, know which specific niche your restaurant is in and compile the details of the type of customer you are trying to target.

Once you come up with a profile of your typical customer and know their food preferences, interest, and lifestyles, you can effectively market your restaurant. You can appeal to the perfect potential customer by developing a consistent branded theme that you will incorporate into all of the media that you produce.

2. Set up social media accounts and create an online presence for your New York Restaurant

Social media is one of the best ways to market your restaurant. There are many different social media platforms that are used for advertising. Out of all of the different platforms, Facebook and Instagram are the most effective platforms to market your restaurant. However, harnessing the power of all different social media platforms will be the best way to attract potential customers.

Social media marketing will allow your restaurant to establish a well-known online presence. Additionally, using social media marketing as part of your New York restaurant marketing strategy will help you develop a loyal customer base, engage with potential customers, and peak interest in your brand.

3. Collaborate with food influencers in New York

Influencer marketing has many benefits for New York restaurant marketing. It can help you tap into the right niche and market to a very specific target audience.

To increase restaurant traffic to your restaurant in New York, you would find a food influencer who would love a restaurant like yours. They will be able to create relative content for your brand and market your restaurant to a whole audience of people who are looking for exactly what you provide.

For restaurants in New York, it’s most effective to work with micro-influencers. There are three tiers of influencers. Nano influencers have between 1k and 10k followers, micro-influencers have between 10k and 100k followers, and macro and celebrity influencers have more than 100k followers.

Micro-influencers require a lower budget and have a small enough audience that they are more trusted by their audience. They produce authentic and relevant content, and you will be able to get a higher ROI.

4. Sign up for restaurant apps in New York

Take advantage of free restaurant marketing strategies! Dining and restaurant apps are some of the most effective strategies. Apps like DoorDash and Yelp can expose your restaurant to customers looking for something specific that you can provide.

Yelp is one of the most well-known restaurant services. Many people will check Yelp reviews before trying a new restaurant. If you add your New York restaurant and are able to get good reviews, this will increase traffic to your restaurant.

Food delivery apps are also highly effective for New York restaurant marketing. DoorDash and UberEats are some of the most popular apps. In New York, because people are so busy and driving is difficult, many people will choose to order food instead of driving. Adding your restaurant to food delivery apps will help expose your restaurant to a bigger audience, especially in New York.

5. Work on SEO for New York restaurant marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most successful methods to drive traffic to your New York restaurant. SEO is a marketing method that tries to get your brand to rank high in search engine results by using keywords. When a potential customer searches “food near me”, you want your restaurant to be one of the first results that pop up. This will drive more traffic to your restaurant and allow potential customers to find your restaurant. SEO can be applied to many of your marketing methods, including your website, videos, social media, and more.

When working on your website, you want to make sure that it is optimized with technical SEO. Search engines will be able to find your website and index it. With proper SEO applied, the search engines will boost your website in the search engine results. In addition to applying the proper keywords, make sure to include internal and external links.

SEO that is applied to your New York restaurant marketing will provide many benefits. It will help your restaurant appear at the top of organic search engine results, which will increase traffic and bring more customers to your business.

6. Design a website for your New York restaurant

Having a professional and aesthetically pleasing website is important for New York restaurant marketing. Web design is essential for any business in today’s world because it is your business’s digital storefront. An effective website for your restaurant needs to encapsulate your brand identity, have an online menu, provide online ordering, and showcase the food with a visually pleasing UX/UI design.

A professionally crafted website will produce better results for your restaurant marketing strategies. Customers will have a great impression of your restaurant when they visit your site.

Having a great website will convert website traffic into action-taking customers at a high percentage.

7. Hire an agency that specializes in full-service digital marketing

The best way to market your restaurant in New York City would be to hire a full-service digital marketing agency that has a specialty in restaurants. A full-service marketing agency can handle all of your marketing needs from start to finish, so you won’t have to worry about any of it and they know what’s best for your type of restaurant to bring the most traffic. A full-service marketing agency can help with SEO, social media marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, and any other marketing tasks. A full-service marketing agency will cover all of these services under one roof! An agency that provides clear-cut strategies and execution will help your restaurant achieve tangible results.


Online advertising is extremely beneficial for restaurants in a busy city like New York City. With these tips and tricks that you just learned, you can implement an effective restaurant online marketing strategy to help boost your business in New York City. Online advertising will help broaden your exposure, increase traffic, and generate leads and new customers. Does website design seem like a daunting task? Have no clue what SEO is and how to effectively implement it? As a restaurant business owner, you will be able to get help with all of your online advertising needs with a full-service marketing agency. An all-in-one marketing team will ensure that all of your marketing needs will be met with talent that specializes in each area of marketing your restaurant.

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